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Accident Avoidance Training Workshop – Intermediate
Ian Crawford (Sutton Coldfield, England)

If faced by a rampaging rhino, an upside-down wheelie bin entrapment, or an attack by an unidentified flying cutlery item (UFCI), could you survive? Fear no more! Health and Safety expert and cutlery connoisseur Ian Crawford is here to save the day with an all-new, deadly serious presentation, packed with tips to help you stay alive for as long as is humanly possible.

Book now before it’s too late! 

'Well-honed, good silly fun' ★★★★  (

'Forking good' ★★★★ (
Duration: 50 mins

Age suitability: 12+

Audience Warnings: None

Ian Crawford large - Jim Judges.png


Headgate Theatre (Main Space)


Friday 20th Oct / 7pm

Saturday 21st Oct / 7pm


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