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After That
Amanda Kelleher (Chelmsford, England)

“What if told you that stars filled the sky and everyone laughed that the sky was so beautiful and big, it was silly?” Grace lives in Ordinary Town, a place where everybody has to carry rocks in their bellies to keep their feet on the ground, a place where no-one takes risks or chances or even has one dream, because being safe is better than being happy.

One day, Grace finds a letter from her dead mother which takes her on an epic journey of healing and discovery. After That is a love letter written by a new mother during lockdown, trying to imagine a life for her daughter 40 years into the future where it is still possible to have hopes and dreams.

Writer and performer Amanda Kelleher brings her trademark wit, clowning, and warmth to this tale of adventure that will be equally loved by children and their parents.

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: 8+

Audience Warnings: N/A



Headgate Theatre (Rehersal Room)


Saturday 22nd Oct / 14:30

Sunday 23rd Oct / 13:30


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