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An Evening with Labourer George
Dorian Kelly: The Guerilla Shakespeare Theatre Company (Colchester, England)

Countryman Labourer George thinks he's here at the Flange Festival to talk to other farm workers about the unique method of coupling a swathe turner to a Fordson Major Tractor using a 19" flange.

When he realizes he is in the wrong place, he decides to take everyone on a guided tour of his village instead. But no need for hats and coats, as it is what is called a virtual tour. His nerdy nephew Barclay who knows about this sort of thing says George needs a power point. He hasn't got anything to plug in, but if anyone needs one, the bloke at the door says there's one big enough for thirteen lamps, but he's got to pat it first, whatever that is. We will probably start at the Church, built by the Vikings before the railway come.

In this gently comedic brand new one man show by raconteur Dorian Kelly, you are shown the changing face of the countryside and be brought face to face with the death of the old way of life though stories, poetry and if you are very, very unlucky, song.

Duration: 45 mins

Age suitability: 12+

Audience Warnings: None

IMG_8016 - Dorian Kelly.jpg


One Colchester Community Hub


Saturday 22nd Oct / 17:30

Sunday 23rd Oct / 18:00


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