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Blood. Fear. Courage.
Blackwater Theatre Company (Colchester, England)

Blood. Fear. Courage. Defiance: this theatre performance explores the experiences of the ordinary people of Ukraine, as they fought for their freedom. Performed by Ukrainian actors, and with text taken directly from the extraordinary eye witness accounts of the people who fought for - and were then forced to flee - their country, this challenging drama takes the audience inside the dramatic moments that changed history, as the clock ticked down to zero hour on events that would change our world forever.

Winter, 2022. As Russia’s army amasses on its border, the people of Ukraine go about their business whilst quietly preparing for the worst. Many speak of mere ‘military exercises’. Many are unconvinced that Putin will invade. But as the final diplomatic attempts to avoid the war fail, it now becomes clear that nothing can prevent the attack.

Thursday 24th February 2022 Vladimir Putin goes before the world to announce that the invasion of Ukraine has begun, describing the attack as a ‘special military operation’. The assault begins before dawn. The people of Kyiv awake to the sound of a volley of huge blasts, and by mid-morning there is gridlock on the roads as thousands try to flee the Russians.

To the drone of air raid sirens, Elena, a young woman, frantically packs up her belongings in two small bags, kisses her husband Vasily goodbye, and sets out for the Polish border with her two small children. She will never forget their frightening journey across hundreds of miles of terrain by train, bus, car, and on foot. Vasily leaves immediately to join up at his local recruiting office; he is now only a few days away from the terrifying bloodshed of the front line.

This unmissable performance tells the remarkable story of the Ukrainian people through the eyes of Elena and Vasily. Their testimonies lend to the event a dramatic intensity, and an authenticity, that makes for a powerful and compelling evening of live theatre.

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: 16+

Audience Warnings: Adult Themes, Strong Language & Flashing Lights



Mercury Theatre (Studio)


Thursday 19th Oct / 7pm

Saturday 21st Oct / 7pm

Sunday 22nd Oct / 6pm


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