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BLUE - Turning Tide
Yellow Jacket Collective (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Sea, sky, dreams and melancholia. BLUE - Turning Tide takes us on a journey through a bodily exploration of the colour blue and its symbolism.

Blue is the most liked colour in Europe, yet it’s strongly associated with sadness. It is the colour of the sea and the sky - two of our world's most substantial forces. The broad colour opens up a limitless landscape for the two dancers to navigate.

Choreography and dance: Rannhvi Mebius Jormin, Amélie Roch Scenography: Rannhvi Mebius Jormin, Amélie Roch
Costume: Quentin Deana Lighting design: Evelina Dembacke
Original music: Jérémy Reynaud Other music: Torus, Wynton Kelly, Eiffel 65, Yoshiaki Ochi, Lotus
Co-production: Rum för Dans

Duration: 50 mins

Age suitability: All Ages

Audience Warnings: None

fullsizeoutput_df0 - Chris O'Reilly.jpeg


Headgate Theatre (Rehearsal Room)


Saturday 21st Oct / 4pm

Sunday 22nd Oct / 3pm


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