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Chasing Fairytales: Japan
The Arts Business (Birmingham, England)

It’s time for a bedtime story with a difference. Experience the weird and wonderful world of Japanese Fairytales: see the magic rabbit trick the badger, the old man and his butterfly and the mysterious cloak of invisibility, told through different forms of puppetry including shadow, glove and rod puppets and masks inspired by Japanese Kabuki Theatre!

Watch this everyday children’s bedroom transform in front of your very eyes and join us on this epic adventure taking you around Japan, from the mountainous countryside to vibrant towns, our tired parent and her enthusiastic children take the roles of all the characters in these beautiful yet bizarre tales of traditional Japan.

This fast-paced script and constantly moving cast is bound to keep even the most restless child entertained and a level of humour designed for the whole family will keep parents happy too! These three unusual fairytales from the land of the rising sun have been cleverly adapted for the stage and are sometimes grimmer than Grimm. 

The Arts Business is an educational service which teaches arts organisations marketing and business tricks and tips through articles, podcasts and events. Their performance work showcases new talent while retaining the fun of developing shows and working in theatre, keeping this at the heart of what they do.

Duration: 45 mins

Age suitability: All Ages

Audience Warnings: N/A

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Headgate Theatre (Rehersal Room)


Saturday 23rd Oct / 15:00pm

Sunday 24th Oct / 13:30pm


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