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Clown Radio
Jon and Ollie (London, England)

Live on Air!

A mumbling radio presenter gives you the worst program in existence!

Stupidity and slapstick, characters, some kind of love letter to radio, gags gags gags, pratfalls and blows, clowning, trickery and lies, audience interaction, silly surprises, French sausages, German sausages, Swedish meatballs, mimicry, flying socks, dogs, cats, maybe some other animals too, biscuits and beer, bonkers many honks, stomping and congas, slithering eels and shitty deals. Maybe a family portrait.

Anything can happen in this 50 minute clown bonanza! A work in progress show by multi-award winning clown Oliver Nilsson.

Duration: 50 mins

Age suitability: All Ages

Audience Warnings: None

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Headgate Theatre (Rehearsal Room)


Saturday 21st Oct / 8:30pm

Sunday 22nd Oct / 6pm


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