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Bread and Butter Productions (London, England)

PULLDOWN is an act of anarchy, an act of alchemy, an affirmation of hope to face the unforgivable and find peace.


PULLDOWN reveals a Father and Son who are pulled down by social and political structures that should support them.


PULLDOWN examines masculinity, class stratification and Acts of Parliament that ripple and rage through real and imagined war torn countries.


Press (for previous work)

★★★★★ (Britishtheatre.com)

★★★★★ (Scotsgay)

★★★(The Scotsman)


★★★(Broadway Baby)

Duration: 50 mins

Age suitability: 16 +

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Emmaus Café


Friday 22nd May / 19:30pm

Sunday 24th May / 17:30pm

Monday 25th May / 16:30pm


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