happy thoughts for rainy days

Millennials and Other Terrible Things (Colchester, England)

If you were to find yourself at rock bottom, what are the thing(s) that would get you out of it? In this new play by 'Millennials and Other Terrible Things',the characters explore real people’s experiences with their mind’s inner workings, and what has helped them go through their most difficult times, assembling a landscape of happy thoughts for the rainiest days.


In this feel-good, think-good, do-good environment, the piece provides an empowering atmosphere for audiences to breathe in and take home, inspiring a reflection on their own experiences. The play does not promise to cure depression, EDs, anxiety and other cerebral conditions; but rather enables its audiences to hear testimonies from people who, in their toughest days, have found little drops of happiness in something, anything – from a slice of pizza to a book, from music to a cuppa with a friend, proving that glimmers of hope are present even in the darkest of times.


The characters scramble through these memories and testimonies, frantically, almost as if their last breath depends on them. Like they need more “happy”. Like they need stories like this to prove to them that they have ever been anywhere different from the mind-numbingly hollow rut they are stuck in. The memories gently tap on their shoulders and remind them that at some point in time – any point, really – they have felt different, any different emotion than this, and they can feel it again.



"The three performers work seamlessly together" (BritishTheatre.com)

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: 12 +


Headgate Theatre (Rehearsal Room)


Saturday 23rd May / 20:30pm

Sunday 24th May / 17:30pm

Monday 25th May / 19:30pm


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