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Little Vagabond Theatre (Bristol, England)

Today, right now, in the heart of the UK, a young woman finds herself trapped in a commercial laundry. Insulted, exploited, and yearning for freedom, no passport, ID, nor qualifications, counting down the minutes until liberation is within her grasp. Amidst the swirling steam and biting scent of bleach, she shares this existence with 3 other women, each battling to repay debts and claim the lives they deserve.

Together, they spin tales to escape the suffocating reality, dreaming of a day when debts are settled and destinies rewritten. They exchange secrets, learn to swear in foreign tongues, dance, sing, and play pretend to shield themselves from the grim truth. Yet, this facade cannot last forever.

As the clock counts down, the moment of escape looms. Today, their family, home, and dignity hang in the balance, forcing them to confront the enigmatic Bear. "Dirty" blends folklore, hopes, and daydreams, with harsh, gritty reality. In this powerful exploration of strength, resilience, and solidarity, the audience is taken on an emotional journey, a window into the life of these women. Once invisible and silent, their voices will now rise. "Dirty" unfolds amidst the symphony of tumble-dryers, its unyielding spirit calling upon the audience to recognize their own power and stand in solidarity against modern-day slavery.

This new play now makes it’s premiere at Colchester Fringe—a tale that will linger in your heart long after the final curtain falls.

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: 12+

Audience Warnings: Adult Themes, Strong Language & Themes of Modern Day lavery

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Mercury Theatre (Studio)


Thursday 19th Oct / 8:30pm

Saturday 21st Oct / 8:30pm

Sunday 22nd Oct / 7:30pm


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