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Drag Bingo 
Shar Cooterie (Colchester, England)
Join the Queen of the Deli, Shar Cooterie for an hour of the most chaotic bingo this side of that Butlins trip you took! With a few songs and a full game of classic bingo, this show is a sure-fire hit if you’re looking for the lead-in to a good night out. Shar will delight with how she handles those big money* balls. With three chances to win, you can feel sure of a camp hour of only small-scale gambling, dodgy bingo calls and more powerhouse vocals than you can shake a dauber at!

*Drag Bingo with Shar Cooterie will offer no monetary prizes. Key prizes may include but are not limited to: the satisfaction of a game well played, a full tinned meal, true love, miniature topiary and the friendship we made along the way.

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: 16 +

Audience Warnings:
 Strong Language

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Headgate Theatre (Main Space)


Friday 22nd Oct / 22:00pm

Saturday 23rd Oct / 22:00pm


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