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Abi Cunliffe (Colchester, England)
Dreambag is a one to one audio visual installation piece lasting 15 mins and may be of particular interest for all lovers of bags!

Whilst waiting to see the piece, you are invited to look at and choose, try out wearing, or holding different bags from a selection provided, whilst considering the question "What's your bag?" and to then take either your own bag or one from the selection or both, in with you to the piece.

You are then given a headpiece with earphones and invited in to the performance space where you are offered somewhere to sit. It is dark, but for lights coming from a 'bag sculpture' made up of various suitcases, bags and luggage positioned in front of you. You are encouraged to relax and to take in your surroundings, then you are asked to add your chosen bag to the collection to become part of the piece, (only for the duration) and to listen to a letter written just to you. You are encouraged to close your eyes and 'just listen'.

Dreambag is a meander, a collection of thoughts, memories and questions. Participants are left a small keepsake to collect afterwards.


 **For Deaf/hard of hearing, a transcript is available during the performance

**This is a Pay-What-You-Can-Afford event. 


Please ensure you arrive 5 mins before start time. Due to strict performance times late arrivals may not be allowed to participate and if non-attendance is expected, please do let us know ASAP so that the space can be re allocated.

Duration: 20 mins

Age suitability: 12+

Audience Warnings:



Culver Square Shop


Saturday 22nd Oct / from 12:00

Sunday 23rd Oct / from 12:00


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