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José Pedro Fortuna (Porto, Portugal)
Master of ceremonies expert José Pedro Fortuna presents “Entrée”- a one man show about a clownish character that aims to present a perfect performance but faces a series of failures and mistakes during the journey to accomplish so. Props seem to have a life of their own! The show must go on; how will he cope with such adversity? Will he make it through his set in one piece?

This production utilises magic and object manipulation in order to convey a journey through failure and wonderment.

"Shows a side of clowning many people haven't seen before" 4**** ​(Get The Chance Wales)

Duration: 45 mins

Age suitability: All Ages

Audience Warnings:

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Theatre/ Magic


Headgate Theatre (Main Space)


Saturday 23rd Oct / 16:30pm

Sunday 24th Oct / 13:30pm


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