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'Harp-Guitar' in Concert
Jon Pickard (Somerset, England)

Winner of Buxton Fringe 2021 ‘Best Solo Instrumental Performance’ award, ‘harp-guitarist’ Jon Pickard brings his unique performance to Colchester for the first time.

Jon will be sharing his beautiful music played on these most beautiful and fascinating instruments. A spellbinding journey through Classical, Celtic and Spanish guitar into the magical ‘New Worlds’ of the Harp-Guitar.

Over the last 4 decades Jon has worked through Classical, Rock, Jazz, Latin and Folk on both guitar and piano/keyboards. Ten years ago he discovered the world of ‘Harp-Guitars’ and has never looked back since. He blends his vast experience and unique self-designed instruments to produce breath taking original music, inspired by folk legends, true stories and dreams. He also plays arrangements of a few well known tunes from Bach to Dire Straits, re-imagined for ‘Harp-Guitar’.

“Beautiful, atmospheric….profoundly emotional and spiritual...You want to close your eyes and let the pictures created by the musician take you” The Fine Times Recorder (March 2019) “I have been involved with music all of my life and have never seen nor heard anything to match this. The harp guitar is really quite amazing and your mastership of it is simply staggering.” Alan Dolman, The Old Theater Royal, Bath "An amazing soundscape" BBC Radio Somerset

Harp Guitars are amazing multi-stringed guitars unlike anything most people have ever seen – even though they have been around in many variations for well over 3 centuries. They have a guitar in the middle, surrounded by banks of additional strings which give extra range and texture and they produce an immensely big and rich sound compared to any ‘normal’ acoustic or classical guitar, and this sound inspires the unique music.

Fans of Classical and acoustic guitar will not want to miss this!


“A rare musical treat… a consummate musician…a sensitive and versatile player.” (Buxton Fringe Review)

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: All Ages

Audience Warnings: None

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One Colchester Community Hub


Friday 21st Oct / 20:30

Saturday 22nd Oct / 20:30

Sunday 23rd Oct / 19:30


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