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Stage Write (Colchester, England)

Antonio was a pretty mediocre ballroom dancer, but he and his mum had great fun! But that was before the accident, and he not only had to learn to walk again but now he needs to learn to dance with a new partner- his wheelchair!

Can the Dance Captain, who took the dance world by… drizzle, get him there? Will his Gran realign his chakras so he can move again? As his Mum encourages him from the side-lines, Antonio must overcome his demons, and his body, to dance to Jacky, for Jacky, and with Jacky!

From the award winning writer of the Colchester Fringe Artists Pick 2021, (The Miner’s Crow), comes a new comedy drama of pain, loss, triumph- and sequins!

Antonio needs to learn to dance with a new partner-his wheelchair! Can he overcome the challenges of ballroom, his body, to dance to Jacky? For Jacky? And with Jacky?

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: 16+

Audience Warnings: Adult Themes & Strong Language

Jacky publisity 2 cropped - Paul Davies.jpg


Mercury Theatre (Studio) 


Thursday 20th Oct / 19:00

Saturday 22nd Oct / 16:00

Sunday 23rd Oct / 19:30


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