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Aion Theatre (Colchester, England)

Following the devastation of the Second World War, millions were left desperate to flee and begin new lives in foreign lands. We meet three unlikely strangers marooned on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean after their ship sinks on the way to America, "the land of the free".

Three different cultures collide In the microcosm of a tiny boat. We delve into the vibrant worlds of Henryka, Beryl and Donald, discovering tragic tales of loss, death and love - all of which have pushed them to face the very limits of human endurance. Alongside dramatic dialogue that meets animated cabaret and ceilidh dances, we follow our passengers; floating away from the fragile confines of the boat to visit the glamorous stages of the West End; the horror and bloodshed of German-occupied Poland; and the romantic landscape of the Scottish Isles.

When left with nothing but each other, they will have to decide whether to give up or grab on tight to the last fragments of hope when their dreams are left to drown in the icy waters below. Stranded on the waves, we sail away on a sea of dreams and memories, as our travellers fight to grasp onto their hopes for a better future. When faced with a battle between internal and external turmoil, our voyagers must find common ground.

Our creation of ‘Marooned’ was influenced by French-Canadian theatre maker and director Robert Lepage. We were mesmerised by his ideas surrounding multi-culturalism and the incorporation of different languages within his work. We have intwined a plethora of heartfelt anecdotes and real stories into the fabric of our piece.

We endeavour to remind our audience that throughout history humans have gone to great lengths to escape the horrors of their past - in search of new beginnings. This brings a striking relevance to the impact of immigration today, when so many are seeking to escape the horrors of War.

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: 15+

Audience Warnings: Adult Themes & Flashing Lights


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Headgate Theatre (Rehearsal Room)


Thursday 19th Oct / 8:30pm

Sunday 22nd Oct / 1:30pm


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