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Olympus & New Balance 

Movement Space (Colchester, England)

On Saturday 1st May, MOVEMENT SPACE Dance Company is diversifying their window into a high energy, ethereal paradise. We observe the potency of Greek God Dionysus, known as “liberator”, born from rain & earth. Followers who partake in their mysteries are known to become possessed and empowered. Themes of this piece include, unity, ecstasy, wild frenzy, community rituals, festival & wine. Join MOVEMENT SPACE tumbling into a Utopia, where an eclectic fusion of dance styles, coupled with storytelling presents a battle of desire, loss and highlights the strength of humanity. Music styles include drum & base, tribal, folk & pop. Expect a vivid show rich in skill and truth.

MOVEMENT SPACE Dance Company's second piece sends us to a futuristic era. Tangled in the vines of mass-extinction, like a phoenix we watch performers rise from the ashes. Triumphantly basking in a new age where humanity has established harmony with Mother Earth. They dance till dawn. Music styles include house and pop-culture.


Duration: 25 mins & 15 mins

Movement Space.jpg


Secret Garden (Lion Walk)


12:30pm, 14:10pm

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