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Nice to Meat You 
Shar Cooterie (Colchester, England)
Join the Queen of the Deli, Shar Cooterie for 45 minutes of chat, songs and the odd game. One of Colchester’s leading drag performers and international drag piglet, Shar hopes to see you at their Colchester Fringe Festival debut for a show that promises to leave you full up on Honey Roast Glam!

Note: We offer no guarantee that Shar won’t tangent off into a wildly irrelevant conversation topic. Book at your own risk.

Duration: 45 mins

Age suitability: 16 +

Audience Warnings:
 Strong Language

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Thursday 21st Oct / 19:00pm

Friday 22nd Oct / 19:00pm

Saturday 23rd Oct / 18:00pm


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