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Princess Amnesia
SOZOROGOTO (Osaka, Japan)

"Princess" that everyone longs for once. But I'm not Snow White, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty. I am a forgetful princess.

Is it bad to forget? What happens if I remember who I am? What did I forget? In a world without love, why would I want love?
For Princess Amnesia, forgetting is a shield that protects her from her past trauma and the complexity of society, but it also gives her despair. Like a disjointed puzzle, her memories and emotions are deranged and she loses her identity as to who she is.
This production is based on the issues she faced, such as young carers, mental disabilities, and child neglects. However, behind this lies social issues such as discrimination and exploitation of foreign workers in Japan that her parents' generation experienced.
Princess Amnesia not only expresses the crisis of individual identity, but her figure is a mirror that reflects society, depicting the crisis of modern society. By digging deep into her forgotten memories, audiences will experience
the crisis the world's young people face across borders.

Can a person truly know themselves without the memories that shape their identity? Is it easy to find an identity in the modern society we live in now? Is Princess Amnesia, born of modern society, abnormal? In a world without love, why would we want love?
This is the world premiere of this production.
Directed by Kayo Tamura (Theatre Group GUMBO)
Cast: Liko Takada
Duration: 45 mins

Age suitability: 16+

Audience Warnings: Adult Themes, Strong Language & References about Rape

Amnesia_final - SOZOROGOTO Theatre.png


Headgate Theatre (Rehearsal Room)


Friday 20th Oct / 8:30pm

Saturday 21st Oct / 5:30pm

Sunday 22nd Oct / 4:30pm


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