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Rosy May: Finding Joy
Rosy May (Ipswich, England)

If you love dancing and you like to experience joy, then this is the perfect show for you. We’ll go on an adventure through dance, videos and podcasts and hopefully find joy along the way.

Explosive dance pieces with irresistible energy: the performance begins with a fiery jive routine followed by a snippet of a “Rosy May Uncut” podcast episode. From there, dancing & digital content will alternate scene by scene to take you on a joyful journey of laughter, honesty & grooviness.

You are encouraged to enter an accessible space where you’re free to dance, move around and express joy in any way you choose from the moment you arrive. Flags will be available to all to wave throughout the performance and you are welcome to bring your own expressions of joy.

I’m an Ipswich dance artist with a passion for work of cultural importance and creating accessible spaces for everyone to experience the joy of dance.
I created ‘The Islands’ whilst in lockdown and have since shared this exploration of Caribbean dance with over 3000 individuals.

Disclaimer: you will not be forced to dance or feel joy, but there is a 103% chance that you will.

Duration: 60 mins

Age suitability: All Ages

Audience Warnings: None

Rosy-1 - Rosy May.jpg


Headgate Theatre (Main Space)


Thursday 19th Oct / 7pm

Sunday 22nd Oct / 1:30pm


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