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Katy Higgins (Berlin, Germany)

SCHEMA is a solo work that explores how and why the brain responds to sound and music. The first production of SCHEMA was in April 2019 and this re-working will be a solo endeavor by Katy Higgins. Accompanied by a lively and diverse soundtrack Katy will use dance, film and spoken word to delve deeper and traverse the emotive connections we create when hearing specific sounds and music.

The motivation behind this piece came from the work of Daniel Levitin and their book ‘This is your brain on music’. Like the book, this piece will be informative and maybe you will learn something new? Using this information Katy will create a space for everyone to laugh together, maybe even cry together but most importantly - we will have fun!

Katy grew up in Colchester, attending the Colchester School of Dance and later the Colchester Institute to study a diploma in dance. She moved to London to further her studies at London Studio Centre and now lives in Berlin where she continues to move and create. She can't wait to perform this new solo work in her hometown at The Colchester Fringe.

Duration: 45 mins

Age suitability: All Ages

Audience Warnings: None

Katy Higgins SCHEMA - Katy Higgins.jpg




Thursday 20th Oct / 19:00

Friday 21st Oct / 19:00

Saturday 22nd Oct / 17:30


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