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Wheel of Fortune
Wonky Heart Collective (Colchester, England)

Roll up! Roll up!

Do you ever need help with making a choice, answering a question or making a decision? Look no further for the Colchester Fringe Festival 2023 plays it's own card of fate by offering you the Wheel of Fortune.

Your hosts will ask you to think about your question and then invite you to spin the magic wheel of numbers.

This playful creative journey takes you behind the 'screen of possibilities' to use your imagination, look for signs and take a chance.

Participants will be given a personal keepsake to take away with them, to let the journey continue.

A fun experience for all ages. No booking required - just come and find us in the Mercury Theatre Foyer.

This is a free event but you are welcome to 'cross our palms with silver' if you wish.

Age suitability: All Ages

Audience Warnings: None

Wheel of Fortune.jpg
Live Art Installation


The Mercury Theatre (Foyer)


Saturday 21st Oct / 12pm-4pm  

Sunday 22nd Oct / 12pm-4pm


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